How We Listen Speaks Volumes

CRFC Guest Blogger
CRFC Guest Blogger, Lindsey Micucci

Guest Blogger: Lindsey Micucci
High School Student and Illinois Youth Summit Participant, Lindsey Micucci, shares what she has learned about listening and leading. Views do not necessarily reflect those of CRFC.

School, home, and the Illinois Youth Summit are places where we learn that the world can be a hard and confusing place. Even though we each have different voices on all topics, sharing these opinions in a civil manner says a lot about someone’s character.

Through my participation in the Illinois Youth Summit, I have learned that pointing fingers won’t solve anything. Shaking heads, rolling eyes, and coughing are all signs of disrespect and bad leadership. Leadership is holding yourself to a higher standard, not by your actions but by your words. People don’t want a leader that is a bully or a pushover. They want someone who’s well-spoken, respectful, and a good listener. That’s what we should aim for. We should aim to become leaders. Whether it’s the leader of our homes, of our schools, or of our country, we should hold these qualities so high, that they become our own goals for ourselves.

Words are how we communicate our feelings and how we think. Using words, is more influential than actions done with one’s head down and eyes turned the other way. During debates, we’ve all seen dirty looks shot at the other side of the panel. Is it the other side, or the wrong side? Is there a wrong side?

We, as students, as human beings, are entitled to our own opinions. When we are speaking in a format that requires debate, our words should be objective. Our ability to create rational arguments, which are non-biased, is still strong even with the inevitable disagreements that will occur. Arguments are to be spoken with authentic voices and facts, not guesses that are pulled out of the air.



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